• Australian native: A plant species that is endemic within some or area within Australia. However it is important to note that some regions may include parts of other countries, e.g. New Guinnea
  • Indigenous: A plant species that is endemic to the area where you live and has been progated from local plants. They are also known as local native plants.

As a general rule, indigenous plants will be more reliable because their genetic make up will be best adapted to the local environmental conditions.

However many Australian natuive plants will perform quite well far outside their natural range.

Others require a great deal of TLC.

Specialist indigenous nurseries operating in your area (if there are any) are the most reliable source indigenous plants.

There is nothing wrong with using Australian native plants but just be aware that, even if the species is one that occurs in your local area, there is no guarentee that they have been progated from local plants. For example, if you live in Victoria and you purchase a species from a general nursery, that you know occurs naturally in your area, then it is conceivable that those plants were propagted from parent plants in QLD. Technically those plants would not be indigenous for you.