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Quality maintenance over long time involves preventing weeds seeding and reducing weed seed incursions.

PA Kirchner path view along Steele Creek

  • A small team, with between 14 and 20 years experience in quality weed control and environmental restoration.
  • We provide high quality affordable services to councils, state government, friends groups and private land holders.
  • We work safely, thoughtfully, quickly and effectively.
  • We have a reputation for safe and effective work, great value, flexibility and good communication.
  • We share a vision of long-term ecological recovery, with the passion, skill and resources to bring it about.
  • Enthusiasm helps us embrace unpleasant but necessary tasks, to achieve the desired goals.
  • Regular activities include: woody weed removal, noxious weed control and fast, careful, removal of weeds from amongst desirable plants, with the greatest retention of natives.
  • We practice regular visits and prioritisation of tasks, based on weed type and growth, season, the natives present and a long term view of outcomes.
  • We have enlisted practical innovations to keep weed seed out, reducing long-term costs and expanding ecological possibilities.
  • Other innovations have improved the safety and comfort of equipment used.
  • Well-equipped, partitioned, vehicles enable quick access to a comprehensive range of tools and equipment.